5 Must to Know Facts about the Charismatic Chris O’Donnell!

5 Must to Know Facts about the Charismatic Chris O’Donnell!

Christopher Eugene O’Donnell or Chris O’Donnell is a heart-throb American actor. We know him for the diverse personas he has played like The Robin in ‘Batman’ and ‘Batman & Robin’, Finn Dandridge in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Peter Garrett in ‘Vertical Limit’. Not to forget his current role as NCIS special agent G. Callen on CBS television series ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’. Use the navigator button below check the other facts which are not on this page! Enjoy!

1) Chris O’Donnell as G. Callen

The crime drama television series NCIS: Los Angeles is adorned with a spectacular character of G. Callen who is in charge of the Office of Special Projects Team. According to CBS, G. Callen is just like a chameleon who can transform himself into whomever the situation requires him to be in order to infiltrate the criminal world. He is one opportunistic fellow is what the channel describes him to be and no one better than Christopher O’Donnell could have played this role.

The NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 premiere shows Callen and Sam to be stuck in a hostile submersible.


2) O’Donnell character in NCIS will fall in love in Season 6: A treat for the eyes

When the executive producer of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’, Shane Brennan was asked about G. Callen’s role in Season 6, which will be played by Chris O’ Donnell, his reply raised the heartbeat of millions of fans around the globe.
Brennan opened up to the TV Guide and said that he promises the viewers that the new season will come up with ‘more than a little romance’ for G. Callen. He did not reveal the partner with whom G. Callen would share a fairly intense romantic arc but kept the surprise factor intact by saying that she is one of the most loved character on show. On being provoked to reveal he replied by saying “I won’t say who it is and I won’t say any more about it.”

3) Christopher O’Donnell has a one big happy family with 5 children

Chris O’Donnell is married to beautiful Caroline Fentress and they have 5 children. The entire troop of five children is involved with sports. O’Donnell has always been concerned about the lack of sportsmanship that exists on the ground or the court. To make a difference in this field, he has teamed up with the “Play Positive” program of the Liberty Mutual Insurance to ingrain the quality of sportsmanship in the youth. The official press release on O’Donnell’s sublime cause stated that the Play Positive Pledge program will be offered thrice a year by the Liberty Mutual Insurance. The Inaugural season of the program is open till October 15. A prize money of $2500 will be awarded to 10 youth sports teams, organizations and schools, every season for avowing and undertaking sportsmanship and enrolling supporters within their communities.


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