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5 Reasons Star Trek: Nemesis Became One Of The Biggest Blunders

5 Reasons Star Trek: Nemesis Became One Of The Biggest Blunders

The far-famed movie, Star Trek 10, could not be encompassed in the Next Generation crew movie. Here it goes how and why! 1996’s Star Trek: First Contact movie took $150 million worldwide, on a budget of $46 million.

1998’s Star Trek: Insurrection snatched away a budget of $70 million returning only $118 worldwide. The film received critical feedback, and it was believed that only a darker action film like First Contact could lap up the box office support. The film, when released in 2002 took $67m at the global box office off the back of a $60m budget. It sold 1.3m DVDs in its first week in America, but it turned out to be a financial backdrop. The DVDs were in the US and The UK at the time of its release.

1. Nemesis had to fight heavyweights like Lord of The Rings& Harry Potter

Star Trek: Nemesis did not stand up well at the box office. Keeping in view the release of the second Harry Potter (Chamber of Secrets) with the cost of $100 million, took $879 million; and the second of Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings films (The Two Towers) with the cost of $94 million, took $935 million; 007 with the cost of $142 million took $432 million along with Die Another Day, the scrappy competition could easily be spotted. The movie failed in itself to get well noticed by the audience. Then there lies a question mark on whether it was, or it was not meant to be a part of the big screen. Star Trek was the limelight of the small screen and stood against the cinematic experiences on offer from the other films. Moreover, the cinemas wanted a larger number of shows to be screened per day which eventually ended in less promotion and screening of Nemesis. It was expected that Paramount would stand against Two Towers, keeping in mind the audience who did not get the chance to watch this flick. The representative, Rick Berman, and the studio pressurized to cut down the film’s running time with an avowed intention to let the film get screened for more comparatively more times per day as compared to Jackson’s film running at 172 minutes. Unfortunately, this plotting did not turn out to be fruitful.

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