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4 Reasons Prove “The Federation” Of Star Trek Is An “Evil Empire”

4 Reasons Prove “The Federation” Of Star Trek Is An “Evil Empire”

The concept of Star Trek evolved from just space exploration to moral policing as the number of years passed, and the various sequels/extensions of The Original Series were released. And slowly, the Federation started becoming an institution that was out to tell everyone else what is the right thing to do. Agreed, the Federation was supposed to consist of good guys, but trying to get everyone to one code of conduct is also a form of dictatorship. The TV series were the ones that labeled the Federation as an evil empire. Here are 5 top reasons that got this tag for the Federation, use the next page button below to check them all out. LLAP!

4) The Human Superiority Angle

Starfleet is supposed to serve the United Federation of Planets but why is this that the Earth is more federated than others. The headquarters are on Earth; the Admirals are human, and their flagships have just one close-to-human looking alien in the crew! Also, the capabilities of the humans and their evolution are on a higher scale than these other beings.
The nomenclature of space is also done after Earth, probably to ascertain the superiority there is. Naming a starship is a different matter, but naming the Terran Rivers, and using names like Saratoga to spaceships clearly show who is in command.

Dr. McCoy is known for his anti-alien rhetoric, and no one seems to have an issue with it. So Earth is ‘Sector 001’ while the other Federation founding members are in sectors 005, 006 and 007. The humans are responsible for inventing the warp drive, meeting new aliens, and then resurrecting the geocentric model of the universe. The biggest name blunder was Deep Space 9. This big Federation outpost’s name has no reference of the locals living there, but the Earthlings have given the name to it. What could have been worse?

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  1. Mel

    September 21, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    Humans also did not invent the warp drive or warp technology. Other species had warp technology before Earth did. The Vulcans simply waited to initiate contact with Earth until Humans developed warp capability. Each space-faring civilization developed their own warp technology and Federation ships were constructed by Humans and had the warp drive they developed placed in them. That is why the warp signature emitted by a Romulan ship, for instance, varies from that of a Klingon ship, and both vary from that of a Federation ship.

  2. Mel

    September 21, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    There exited no Federation of Planets until Earth made one, which is why Earth is the headquarters of Starfleet and why Earth is at 001.

  3. John

    September 21, 2015 at 4:06 pm

    This is an article that I s writtoen by someone whi 8s obviously inly superficiality familiar Star Trek. Your information is very inaccurate in some areas l. The criticism of being himen or earth centered does not consider the audience of the times and very economical way to produce the original series. It also is a reflection of Amrricsn society and nstionsl self image. We prrcieve us at thd best and becsuse we fo we lead othrd snd excel. Thrre ate so nany other aspects of the Star Trek universe you don’t seem familiar with that a true fan would finf your atticle rrdicilous becsuse of thr lack of knowledge uour statements show. I encourage you to do more research. Ther are ove 700 hours of live television which expsnded on the concepts and fleshef out this wonder created in 60s TV world. To csll thr Federation an evil empire is like cslling the US one. The fedrratoon is a future representation for stort analogies. To mske us think amoung other trek universe creative tools.

    Your criticisms of the antimattter reactor and technology are totally inaccurate.

    Your info is so poor and understanding so distorted the article is fill of misconception. You have no real grasp of the workings of the production or work you are criticizing.

    • John

      September 21, 2015 at 4:18 pm

      I unortunately have hand tremors and the phoe keys are very small. Hopefully you get the point without having to also criticize my poor typing due to my nerve damage. Part truth and fact manipulation is no truth.

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