4 Reasons Prove “The Federation” Of Star Trek Is An “Evil Empire”

3) The Entire Starfleet Military Vessels Totally Misuse Resources

The starships flying around everywhere indicate a utopian future without the scarcity of any resources. But, the fact is that the Enterprise does have a gas tank. The shiny warp core is just the reaction chamber or an Internal Annihilation Engine. It is fine when they say that annihilation of half-kilogram of matter and antimatter releases two hundred billion percent more energy than a kilo of gasoline, but even for functioning of the warp core, some fuel is needed!
The original Enterprise had planned on using Lithium, which means that the starship would work on batteries! But batteries are just ‘antimatter storage pods’ and cannot really become anything more than that. The backup fusion reactors are capable of producing power that is a few thousandths of a percent compared to the 100-percent mass-energy conversion the ship achieves from its main power source. The TNG Technical Manual gives a mention to an ‘Antimatter generator’, but that is for emergency use only, and can’t be used to fuel the ship on a daily basis. And the display on the ship called the Master Systems Display gives a very bizarre indication. Like the Enterprise is approximately 250 microHorsepower! How is this achievable!
Maybe that is why they keep meeting people who are struggling and starving. The time when replicators run off antimatter supplies, although the food is less, luxury is still there. So, we see a Klingon restaurant next to the replicator on DS9! Now, this is what you call luck!
And so, we now see the ‘Prime Directive’ in a new light. It is not for shielding developing species from external influence, and not for preventing them to coming on Earth or other planets, but, it for freeing yourself from the guilt of squandering the resources of the Universe like this when the others are still struggling to get their basics right.




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