5 Repetitive Plotlines of The Walking Dead That We No Longer Want To See!

4) There Is Always One Idiot In The Group Who Does Not Last Long

There have been standout characters from the show but because the show is all about an apocalypse, there has to be one idiot in the pack who has to die.
Season 1 saw Merle, the racist who wants to be bigoted even at this time when life itself has no surety. Sure enough, after egging the main characters for a bit, he dies and the plot appeared to have been hurried up to wrap up his character.
And no show can ever be complete without a love triangle and the one on this show consisting of Lori, Shane and Rick has Lori as the irrational woman who just can’t think and her actions are as silly as her thoughts, case in point being the time when she randomly flips her car. The love triangle unfolds in Shane attempting to Kill Rick due to jealousy, his own friend and partner because Lori just can’t decide and this puts Shane also in the league of stupid irrational characters on the show although he made a decent beginning.
Andrea is another one with two real bad traits, one is that she is a terrible person (she helped Beth to kill herself) and the second one is that she is attracted to all bad boys. She shags Shane and then hooks up with Governor even though he had showed her some creepy zombie fighting on their first ever outing together. And later when she comes to know that is was Governor who tried to get Michonne killed, she still has sex with him and so it did not come as a surprise when Governor feeds her to the zombies some episodes later. Those of you who also read the comic would know Andrea as a strong and assertive woman but the show made her into an irrational moron.
Enter Bob, an alcoholic who puts the entire group at risk for his booze bottle and later gets zombified and that is the end of him.
Season 5 introduced Father Gabriel who is shown as a secretive character, a survivor of the apocalypse and does not do anything much except staying inside the church. His totally moronic behavior is seen when he crawls on the floorboards of the church to come outside and encounters zombies and then runs back causing the church barricade to be destroyed and all this for no particular reason!



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