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5 Repetitive Plotlines of The Walking Dead That We No Longer Want To See!

5 Repetitive Plotlines of The Walking Dead That We No Longer Want To See!

The beginning of The Walking Dead opened up a whole new genre and the geekdom actually went crazy with all that the series had to offer. Many years and many seasons later, the series started appearing repetitive and while we agree that you can’t drastically change the zombies and the look of the show, at least the plotlines could be different from the stuff that has been done earlier. Looks like that the makers of the show have taken the criticism seriously and the latest season’s teasers appear better but for them to completely turn over a new leaf, these are the five plotlines that they must avoid. Take a look by clicking on Next:

5) Characters On The Show Cannot Accept That ‘Once A Zombie, Always A Zombie!’

So, we know that the show has normal people turning into zombies and then there is this loved one who just can’t accept and digest the fact that this has happened. Season after season, the same thing happens.
First there was Morgan (the guy who saved Rick) who just couldn’t get himself to shoot his ‘zombie’ undead wife but when she tries to eat their kid, he has to do it.
Season 2 saw the story shifting its focus to a farm where Rick and company stay for a year and discover that Hershel has a barn full of zombified people who all happen to be his family!
Then Season 3 sees the introduction of Governor and the plot reveals that he has a sinister past and a secret and the dampener was that his ‘secret’ was that he is keeping his zombie daughter alive.
Then again in Season 4, there is Lizzie who has this fascination with zombies and makes friends with one and even kills her sister for the sake of having a zombie friend.
While we know that emotional angle always clicks with the audience, but not when it has been done to death.. literally!



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