5 Superhero Bromances – the friendships that endure

5 Superhero Bromances – the friendships that endure

In the comic book world, more often than not, the thunder belongs to the epic villains and the legendary battles they fight against our daredevils. It is easy to forget that this fictional universe can also contain humor and laughter, and love; the last of which is gloriously exemplified by these five friendly pairs who have not only been partners in the save-the-world campaign, but also long time friends.

1) Batman and Superman

The new Zack Snyder movie, featuring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, is based on the lasting bond between these two famous DC heroes. They may have been at loggerheads at first, but once their misunderstandings were worked out, they joined forces to create the Justice League and also to become one of the most famous crime fighting duos in the comic book universe.

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