5 Top Ideas For A Spinoff From Kurt Sutter And Paris Barclay

5 Top Ideas For A Spinoff From Kurt Sutter And Paris Barclay

There is a huge possibility that in spite of the fact that Jax Teller played by Charlie Hunnam, has been shown to be dead, the series, Sons Of Anarchy, may continue. The creator of the show Kurt Sutter has confirmed that he and John Landgraf are planning on a spinoff of the show. Paris Barclay, who is the show runner of this series, also repeated the words of Kurt Sutter.

However, if you are wondering that with the main lead dead, what the spinoff would be all about, read on to find out 5 interesting spinoff ideas for Sons Of Anarchy:

1) The Story About The New Age Romeo And Juliet On The show

Tig and Venus, played by Kim Coates and Walton Goggins respectively, did manage to come together towards the final episode of the series, however, it can easily be predicted that Tig would end up doing something to mess up his first ever serious relationship. This may not be content enough for an entire series, but this storyline can definitely find its way as a part of the spinoff.



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