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5 Reasons Captain Janeway Is The Best Star Trek Captain.

5 Reasons Captain Janeway Is The Best Star Trek Captain.

The Voyager is definitely one of the best Star Trek series. However, there are many people out there who do not like Voyager and definitely do not approve of Janeway as the captain. In fact, there are many fans of the Star Trek series who believe that Janeway is responsible for destroying or putting a dent in the legacy of Star Trek. There are some fans of the series who do defend Janeway, but mostly what this captain has received is criticism and skepticism for her role in the Voyager.

Below are 5 reasons why all the true fans of Star Trek should come out in open and strong support of Captain Janeway.

1) Support Women Power

If one carefully analyzes all the criticism through her way, you will find that a lot of this criticism comes from a sexist mindset, which should be downright rejected. It almost seems like people have a problem with the fact that a woman can lead the most powerful spaceflight. Whenever I hear such negativity, I wonder if those people shouting against a female captain belong to this era or have come back from some era gone. Janeway does not wear frills or tight leather jackets or flaunts her curves to get the job done, she is a capable and gusty leader. Her character in the series is in touch with her herself as a woman and has been placed in a position of highest responsibility which has traditionally been occupied only by men, and yet she manages to do her job with greatest capability and compassion.



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  1. Elisha Peachstone

    July 26, 2015 at 5:48 am

    The second best series after the original Star Trek. In part because she was female.

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