6 Best Sci-Fi Movies Chosen By The Scientists!

6 Best Sci-Fi Movies Chosen By The Scientists!

It is true, and quite rightly so as well, that the biggest critics of sci-fi movies are the real scientists. These real scientists can be extremely harsh in their opinions and judgments about these movies. But, this does not mean that every sci-fi movie is rejected by these scientists. There are a few movies which have managed to get the approving nod from these real scientists. These movies have been forgiven by the real scientists for bending the laws of nature to suit entertainment purposes. Hence, if you want to know which movies have managed to garner the approval of the real scientists and engineers, click on the below button and continue reading:


1) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

This movie can be easily called the coming of age of the sci-fi movies. With this movie, the genre of sci-fi movies stopped being about rubber-suited monsters and graduated to credible portrayals of space explorations and the existence of the unknown. The movie and the subsequent novels, are about mission to the Jupiter and the discovery of an ancient monolith which may contain the answers to all the questions related to human race evolution. Anders Sandberg, a research fellow at Oxford, call this film an earnest and realistic effort in depicting expeditions to Jupiter. The depiction of the hardware and the living conditions in the movie are supposed to be the best depiction of life on a spaceflight and also how we would survive away from our planet. The movie found a fan in Leroy Chiao, who has flown 3 space shuttles for NASA and was shocked to see how accurate the depictions of the space life was in this movie.


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