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6 Famous Actors In Talks For A “Dark & Violent” Power Rangers Netflix Series.

6 Famous Actors In Talks For A “Dark & Violent” Power Rangers Netflix Series.

It seems like we are living in the Golden Age of the Power Rangers! All of a sudden, so many news related to the new content on this franchise is surfacing. We have many announcements related to the on-going TV series, an upcoming big-budget Power Rangers movie is on its way, and now the genius producer Adi Shankar has confirmed that he has a script ready for production that will bring in a Dark & Violent Power Rangers Netflix series into fruition. Adi Shankar is also the show-runner for the cult-hit movie “Dredd,” and he has a channel on Youtube that creates amazing short video content known as “Bootleg-Universe,” it has millions of followers across the globe. The short movie that depicted gritty and dark Power Rangers in 2015 and became a viral phenomenon in matter few minutes was also the brain-child of his channel Bootleg Universe. If we go by the rumors, Adi Shankar has the script approval from the Netflix for the show, and the cast selection has already started. Here are the names of the Actors who are rumored to play the Rangers in the upcoming Netflix’s Violent and Dark take on Power Rangers :-

1. Steven Yeun As The Black Ranger


2. Sophie Turner As The Pink Ranger

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