6 Reasons Star Trek: Voyager Was Unsuccessful! continued…

4) The most interesting characters are the lowest ranked supporting characters

Well, this is the root of the problem. The issue is that the most interesting characters of the Voyager are those that haven’t been put in charge of anything. The passably interesting member of the ensemble is Garret Wang’s Ensign Kim. The receding hairline of Tom Paris is not very convincing as a ‘devil may care bad boy’. Moreover Paris has feelings for B’Elanna Torres, so there is something definitely wrong with him.
The best characters of the show are a holographic Doctor who is not even real (probably), and alien explorer who the makers have decided to hide behind a stove in the kitchen and a super-sexy Borg who lingers around in a cargo bay almost all her time.
The show later on realized the importance of those characters and introduced many episodes centered on them. But since they are not doing anything, it’s hard to give them a proper role to act.

5) The Premise is Not Fully Utilized By The Voyager

Besides the inconsistent cast of characters, the Voyager faced much larger problems. One of which was they never really utilized the premise properly. It was rather an extremely good premise that could have rejuvenated the entire Star Trek universe.
Neither do they have resources, nor do they know where they are. Moreover half of the crew is killed and are replaced by a bunch of rebellious space pirates. Still the Voyager decides to do everything by the book. Those rebel marauders, the Marquis, are simply indistinguishable from every other Starfleet officer on the ship.

6) Technology Is Overused

The writers of Voyager are more interested in spending the time on the holodeck rather than actually addressing the show’s premise. Instead of dealing with the real world, most of the shows involved dealing with the holographic worlds where the crew is busy in Klingon rituals or having sex with Irish bartenders. It’s not just the overuse of holodeck that created a mess; it is the overuse of every technology the writers thinks is a hit that has ruined it all. If a technology is exploited beyond measures, it starts losing its meaning.

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  1. Paul Kelman

    July 29, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    Funny. I honestly thought DS9 was the very worst of the TV franchise. The Captain was so bland with his ‘white’ acting, I never believed him. As an Actor I thought he was a terrible Actor. And that Voice of his could put you to sleep with those never ending, never changing mellow tones.The character was so flawed with a ‘self-righteous’ attitude and little intellect.

    Odd that Voyager is perceived this way in the article and yet it lasted 7 seasons! Some Star Trek Fans must have obviously liked it. I liked the Belana and Chakotay characters. In fact I liked most the characters and the stories. They continued the tradition of giving lessons in humanity. Whereas DS9 was mundane and had little to say about anything.

    I think the article is BS. It’s just critical for it’s own sake and has little depth. I’ve seen every ST episode of every series and every movie, and all of which more than once as many as 10 times. I’m not a hardcore Trekkie but I think I’d call myself a real Star Trek Fan.

  2. Quinton

    July 29, 2015 at 1:04 am

    how could a show that lasted 7 years be considered unsuccessful???

  3. Dallas

    July 28, 2015 at 11:34 pm

    Okay… I’m journeying once again through the world of Star Trek. Having watched all the series and movies (including J.J.-verse) in historic chronological order, I’m working through Voyager once again… I have to agree on a couple points of this article. The first being that there is a overuse of technology. This could be a statement regarding humanity’s dependence on such things… or it just could be Brannon Braga’s personal outlook on Roddenberry’s vision. This was clear when they made the EMH program the sole medical entity on the ship. They could have kept one of the nurses alive and explore how a Federation human would handle taking orders from a hologram. Albeit, The Doctor character was written quite well… but it was predictable when you look at previous Braga endeavors (ever notice how much Vic Fontaine, hologram entertainer played a much bigger role in DS9)? This was of what was to come for Star Trek, sentient arrays of photons and light beams.

    1) Picard indeed held his own in the list of Captains. He also was well within his bubble of responsibility, cruising the galaxy and being an interstellar ambassador of United Federation of Planets. Janeway’s position is much different. She and her rag-tag crew are flying blindly in an area where the only thing that they have for guidance is the proverbial compass pointing north. The premise was to get home but moreso they knew it would take 75 years non-stop at top warp speed to get there. So their best bet was to simply find assistance with the indigenous people of the Delta to assist.

    2) B’Elanna Torres’ character was contrived from the start. We already got the whole “Klingon in a Human’s World” from two series worth of Worf. We get it, Klingons are tough warriors not necessarily adaptable to that of Humanity. It’s even worse when you were brought up in the human element. If they wanted to continue this, why they didn’t work in Worf’s son, Alexander, I don’t know… wait, I do know… that character sucked and was really not productive to the story. So why in the Delta Quadrant would this scenario work. But hey… it’s your show… make the best of it… or not… A common theme with Star Trek is the duality of alien/human interaction (Spock being the first to display this). They could have done wonders with this…

    3) Honestly, I didn’t see much racism on Chakotay’s part. I actually noticed more from B’Elanna in the whole “you don’t understand what it’s like to be part Klingon” attitude. If anything, I more noticed quips from other crew members (Paris, especially) poking at Chokotay about his heritage.

    4) The introduction of Seven of Nine was an attempt to bring some sexy to Star Trek again. I mean let’s face it, B’Elanna could have played that role as her Klingon self came out more often but her character was written poorly. Seven of Nine was also an opportunity to bring in a strong female character where the other female characters had failed to develop as such. Even Janeway, who is the sole Federation authority in the Delta Quadrant would come of as being passive-aggressive.

    5) Calling the Maquis “space pirates” was definitely not entirely accurate. Their integration into Starfleet was a call made by the authoritative figure. Simply put, they had no choice… Janeway made the call since it was a Starfleet ship that the Maquis, whom most were former Starfleet personnel, were asked to join forces and make the best of a bad situation. What choice did the Maquis have? Resist and join the Kazon?

    Voyager definitely missed several opportunities to expand on the Star Trek universe but in all honesty, I don’t see it as bad (or better) than any of the other series. I can recall several episodes of DS9 and TNG where the episode didn’t very little if anything to advance the understanding of the Federation culture. Moreover, some episodes (especially the Holosuite ones) were often retelling of other stories… As much as I like the Mirror Universe concept, DS9 went over the top with those episodes and made traveling to a parallel universe as common as beaming down an away team. Yet they never fully embraced it as “another world” to explore. In fact, they even twisted it so that it was no longer a “Mirror Universe” but simply another existing reality thus losing the whole originality of the concept.

    But I’m getting sidetracked… Voyager was on par with a franchise that is expected to push 25 episodes in a season for seven years. Yes, things could have been better but they could have also been worse.

    • TK

      July 29, 2015 at 6:48 pm

      I agree with your summary 150%. It lists all the faults and brings it home “yes it could have been better, but it could have been worse.” Cheers!!

  4. Leo

    July 20, 2015 at 3:30 am

    I, too, judge “Voyager” harshly because they put a woman at the helm of this show, and I thought why would they do this. I was sooooo wrong! I started to watch it 3 years after it aired, and love it so much, I even watch the re-runs. They chose the right person to play Captain. She is so talented, that it works tremendously! I should have given a chance and watch it! I lost 3 years of Star Trek because of my stupidity! This Star Trek works.

    You say this show is unsuccessful? Why did it last 7 seasons??? I know why…it was pure enjoyment to watch!

  5. Jonah Teh

    July 19, 2015 at 3:44 am

    I in fact enjoy Voyager more than the Next Generation. The characters are more outstanding than the Next Generation not only in the Doctor, but Seven of Nine is among the best of all the lady scifi characters in TV and Movie history. Captain Janeway, I beg to differ with you, is unique and outstanding in her own right. Chakotay may seem like rascist, but never act like one . I like him better than the silly worf character in ST TNG. He is more three dimensional than most TNG characters which seem rather flat. There is never a segment that is illogical lot the point of ridiculousness like in ST TNG, e.g. Disallowing the existence of Data’s daughter and quite so many other segments.

  6. Robert

    July 18, 2015 at 10:41 pm

    While this article may have some merit attached to it, I do not agree with it. I happen to think “Star Trek: Voyager” was a fine continuance of the franchise. I have thoroughly enjoyed all five of the series versions: (Star Trek: Enterprise; Star Trek: The Original Series; Star Trek: The Next Generation; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager). Oops, I see I forgot to mention Star Trek: The Animated Series which I also own on DVD. I am a Trekker (I frown at the term “Trekkie”)and have been since I first saw the original series back in 1966. Star Trek Lives no matter what form it takes even if it is a J.J. Abrams version. I love “Trek” and always will. Live long and prosper. Peace and long life. After all, it’s only logical. IMO.

  7. John

    July 18, 2015 at 9:44 pm

    She didn’t give the roll of Captain Janeway, her all. I think, that’s the main reason, Star Trek Voyager failed. Who played Belanna might not have made any difference.

  8. Anon

    July 18, 2015 at 8:19 pm

    You are so wrong on so many levels.

    1) Janeway was certainly more Picard than Kirk, but Picard was awesome too, so what’s wrong with that?
    2) B’Elanna Torres was half human, ergo not meant to be as fiery and ill-tempered as a full-blooded Klingon. Her development was meant to be her own internal struggle to accept her Klingon self and her human self.
    3) While I have to agree that they throw the fact that Chakotay is Native American in your face quite a few times, when, in any of the episodes, does he force anyone to take on his traditions or practices? Only when people ASK him to help them through meditation or other means.
    4) I agree that The Doctor is probably the best character (with Seven being the most attractive) but The Doctor gets A LOT of episodes. Certainly more than Harry Kim or Tom Paris. What’s your problem with Tom Paris and B’Elanna? I mean really.
    5) The Maquis (NOT Marquis) were not space-pirates…that’s really an oversimplification of their whole premise and shows your lack of knowledge or care for the series as a whole. The majority of them were former Starfleet personnel anyways, so of course they would most likely “blend in” with the rest of the crew.
    6) First of all, I can probably count on 2 hands the number of episodes that were actually “focused” around the holodeck (Namely the 2 episodes that involved the Irish town “Fair Haven” and “Spirit Folk”) and the 2 episodes where the Hirogen had taken over the ship and were recreating “hunts” using the Voyager crew (The Killing Game 1&2).

    Secondly: With the premise of trying to get back home, the majority of the time would be spent flying at warp speed through open space, with no interaction with any planets or worlds. WHAT the hell are the crew supposed to do? Sit in their quarters? Work, eat, and sleep?

    Voyager was my favorite series and ran the same length as TNG by the way (7 seasons). If it was truly unsuccessful, I doubt it would have run as long as it did. The interactions with the Borg were much more interesting (with the exception of picard being assimilated) than any of the other series.

    Sorry for the rant. I’m a huge Voyager fan. Even had my picture taken at the Star Trek: Experience in Las Vegas. Two of my favorite Star Trek video games were based on Voyager and my parents and I would watch every episode as it aired every week. Lots of fond memories and a solid series I thought.

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