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6 Shocking Star Trek Blunders

6 Shocking Star Trek Blunders

The maximum percentage of Star Trek audience is nerdy and geeky (no offence). They cannot help but notice that every once in a while, Star Trek enter into some pretty shaky science territory. Travelling faster than light, time travelling, teleporting, using the Universal Translator and other such stuff is still easier to take in as they don’t practically exist yet. However, when the plot relies on some error in science or when the technology is used inconsistently, these are the times when certain things become hard to swallow? Here is a list of biggest science nitpicks for Star Trek, click on Next button to check these out for yourself!

1) Voyager: Warped 10

Warp 10 represents infinite speed in the later series like The Next Generation and Voyager. The Episode “Threshold” of Voyager shows that the crew discovers a method of going faster than Warp 10. It’s hard to understand how one can travel faster than infinite speed. Anyway the pilot Tom Paris’ body starts mutating, growing and absorbing various organs. This makes him nuts. He then makes a plan to kidnap Captain Janeway and steal a shuttle in the hopes of going Warp 10 again. This time, both Janeway and Paris turn into lizards. They mate and have babies and get found by the Voyager crew. To turn them into their normal selves, they are bombarded by anti-protons to destroy the new mutated DNA.
Not really sure how much of that made any sense.


2) The Great Barrier Beef

The second pilot episode of the original series called “Where No Man Has Gone Before” showed that the Enterprise encounters an energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy. It was glowing pink and purple and was said to be impenetrable.
But the thing is that we can see other galaxies outside our own in real life. That means that light is able to penetrate the barrier (if it existed). Maybe the 23rd century had evolved us beyond the need for light.
The episode also showed that people with mild ESP powers get them amplified tremendously by the energy barrier, turning them into Gods. Yet they do cross the barrier once later in the series, with no bad effect.


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  1. Trek Lover

    July 25, 2015 at 1:22 am

    1. The barrier surrounding the galaxy may or may not have been visible. I agree this is a curiosity that went unexplained.

    2. The 2nd time the Enterprise pierced the barrier, its shields were significantly enhanced by the Kelvins to provide the starship with the protection needed to survive the crossing. I would expect that the increased protection also shielded much of the radiation dangerous to life forms.

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