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7 Celebrities Who Are In Love With Star Trek

7 Celebrities Who Are In Love With Star Trek

Whenever a movie like ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ movie hits the theatres, it is not just the diehard common fans ofthis series who would line up in front of the theatres, but you can also expect some of the biggest names in Hollywood to pay a visit to these theatres and get autographed memorabilia from the cast of this series. They would be just as excited to get to talk to and share the experiences of Leonard Nimoy or even speak Klingon. Therefore, if you thought you were the biggest fan of Star Trek, watch out, big celebrities like Maria Menounos and Mila Kunis may just end up giving you a big fight for this title.

If want to know the top 7 Hollywood contenders for the race of biggest Star Trek fans, then click on the button below:

1 – Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis has been a Star Trek fan and a complete trekkie since her teen years. In 2011, she gave an interview to GQ where she told everyone about her collection of vintage Star Trek figures. She also has a photograph of Leonard Nimoy, personally signed by him, in her collection of Star Trek memorabilia. She is so big a fan of this series that she has even attended a Star Trek conference. Remembering her experience at this conference, she said that it was an event which had happened in Las Vegas, where all the actors present had dressed up as different characters from the series and the party happened inside Quark’s Bar. In DS9 we had seen a Ferengi bartender named Quark. She said that she had real fun hanging out with these fake characters. Star Trek: The Next generation is her favorite series.


2- Ben Stiller

If you carefully watch a Ben Stiller movie, you will find that there are many references made to the Star Trek series in them. This is because Ben Stiller is a huge fan of this series. The name of his production company “Red Hour Films” is a reference to one of the episodes from the original series of Star Trek and also his movies like Tropic Thunder and Zoolander have many references made to Star Trek. At the 82nd Academy awards, he told everyone that he was a proud owner of two pairs of Spock ears and they had been signed by Leonard Nimoy.


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