7 Of The Most Rabid Sci-Fi Duels That Spilled Over Into Real Life! continued…

3) William Shatner vs. Trekkers

On December 20, 1986, Shatner was involved in a skit while hosting Saturday Night Live. At this time, he said to the Trekkers, ‘Get a life, will you, people?’. These six words spelled disaster for Shatner as he tumbled down several notches on the respect that the Trekkers had for him. He was bombarded with criticism and piles of hate mails. Later, he apologized and mentioned that these lines were a part of the script, however, he confessed later that these were his true feelings, and he highly regrets his statements. Trekkers were generous enough to forgive him.

4) William Shatner vs. Leonard Nimoy

When Shatner agreed to play the role of Captain Kirk in Star Trek, he assumed that he was the star and the main protagonist. This was true, but the ‘breakout’ character on the show came to be Leonard Nimoy. He started getting more adulation and more fan mails than Shatner, and this made Shatner extremely jealous. Nimoy, on the other hand, reveled in all the glory, and so their egos clashed. There were many spats over the script, public appearances and the screen time each one got. Ultimately, time and conventions made them mature and got them together.

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