7 Of The Most Rabid Sci-Fi Duels That Spilled Over Into Real Life!

7 Of The Most Rabid Sci-Fi Duels That Spilled Over Into Real Life!

Celebrity wars are very common in the film and television industry. It is said that success has many takers. And the moment a show achieves a certain level or stature, the success leads to many rifts and fights between writers, creators, and actors. We saw William Shatter and Carrie Fisher fighting it out on YouTube some years back, and while the spat is surely not in good taste, it does hog the headlines for all wrong reasons. Here are seven more of such rabid sci-fi duels that too were not in good taste. Take a look:

1) Harlan Ellison vs. Star Trek

Ellison wrote the script for ‘The City on the Edge of Forever’, and Roddenberry added his own ‘touch’ to it by changing the draft, which just did not go down well with Ellison. To the extent that Ellison did not even want his name to be associated with it and wanted the pseudonym ‘Cordwainer Bird’ in the credits. Roddenberry flatly refused for that and justified that the changes were made to the script to make it more feasible, more dramatic and to decrease its length. Ellison, then got back at Star Trek in the intro to Doctor Who, and even in 2009, he sued all videos, books and media that were based on his script.

2) George Lucas vs. David Prowse

David Prowse is the man behind Darth Vader’s armor, and he thought he would be the voice too. But, the voiceover was given by James Earl Jones, and this left Prowse extremely upset. Around the same time, Lucas blamed Prowse for leaking out the information that Vader was Luke’s father in Empire Strikes Back. Prowse got back saying that he was promised that his face and voice will be shown to the audience at the end of Return of the Jedi. He also claimed that he had not been compensated for his work. Lucas, in retaliation, cast Sebastian Shaw in place of Prowse and in 2010 announced that Prowse will no longer be invited or welcomed in any Star Wars events.

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