8 Books That Completely Changed the World of Science Fiction and Fantasy!

2) 2000 Leagues Under The Sea By Jules Verne

Verne has created masterpieces that have inspired writers for generations together. This book is about the underwater adventure of Captain Nemo and the Nautilus that rocked the world of science fiction.
‘Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Self’ written by William Butcher was reviewed by Ray Bradbury. In its introduction, he said, “”We are all, in one way, children of Jules Verne. His name never stops. At aerospace or NASA gatherings, Verne is the verb that moves us to space.”
F.P. Walter, the Verne translator and scholar said, “For many, then, this book has been a source of fascination, surely one of the most influential novels ever written, an inspiration for such scientists and discoverers as engineer Simon Lake, oceanographer William Beebe, polar traveler Sir Ernest Shackleton. Likewise Dr. Robert D. Ballard, finder of the sunken Titanic, confesses that this was his favorite book as a teenager, and Cousteau himself, most renowned of marine explorers, called it his shipboard bible.”

3) Dhalgren by Samuel R.Delaney

Dhalgren has been so popular that it has been reprinted 7 times since 1975. This book is often quoted when writers mention works that inspired and spurred them to inventions and boldness of experimentation with form.
This book was dropped by the original publisher Bantam (who probably made the biggest mistake of his life)!
William Gibson called this book as “a literary singularity” and described Delany as “the most remarkable prose stylist to have emerged from the culture of American science fiction.”

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