3. Daryl Dixon:Norman Reedus

This American on-screen character made his maiden appearance in the 1997 film Floating, eassaying the role of Van. The film included the story of an adolescent man’s (Reedus) battle to grow up all through a time of passionate and insolvency. Furthermore, in 2015, Reedus featured in the movies Air and Vacation. His next film is the wrongdoing thriller Triple 9 which will be will be released in 2016.


4. Maggie Greene:Lauren Cohan

In 2005, performing artist Lauren Cohan showed up in Casanova; a drama, where she essayed the role of Sister Beatrice. In the film, other actresses included Jeremy Irons,Heath Ledger, Oliver Platt and Sienna Miller. Her next motion picture is the loathsomeness/thriller film The Boy, which will release in 2016. Past credits incorporate the TV Series’ Supernatural (2005–), The Vampire Diaries (2009-) and Chuck (2007–2012).