8 Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed In Doctor Who Series 10

6. Don’t Read The Doctor’s Browser History

At the point when things get risky in this episode, the Doctor puts on a show to Bill that they will escape in the TARDIS. This is a consistent trap he pulls to guarantee his sidekick’s safety. He did it earlier to Rose in The Parting of the Ways and to Clara in The Time of the Doctor.

He specifies that Bill can watch films in the TARDIS while she is waiting for him to return, since the ship has broadband. This isn’t the first occasion when we’ve heard that the TARDIS is decked out with entertainments of the earth. In 2005’s Aliens of London, Mickey Smith wanted to utilize the TARDIS to watch a football game on TV.

Before he leaves, the Doctor orders Bill to “stay away from my browser history.” He said a similar thing to Osgood when she borrowed his sonic shades in The Zygon Inversion. Exactly what have you been googling, Doctor?

5. Erehwon

The ship of the colonists in this episode is called Erehwon 190484. Dismissing the numbers for a second, you may see that Erehwon is “nowhere” spelled in reverse.

However, there might be more to it. Erewhon (with the w and h rearranged) is a novel by Samuel Butler that was penned down in 1872. It is an early work of science fiction dystopia. In it, Erewhon’s occupants don’t utilize machines as they dread that they will wind up responsive and oppose their human masters. That’s familiar.

With respect to the numbers, they could be a hint to another scholarly dystopia. In George Orwell’s 1984, the opening line sets up the story in April. Therefore, the number could be the date 04/1984 muddled up.


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