8 Points OnThe Definitive Showdown Between’The Lord Of The Rings’ Versus ‘Game Of Thrones’

8 Points OnThe Definitive Showdown Between’The Lord Of The Rings’ Versus ‘Game Of Thrones’

J.R.R. Tolkien and G.R.R. Martin have the most initials any two fantasy creators could ever have. They also have a large number of fans who swear that one of them is superior to the other. I’m a fan of both of these incredible storytellers. However, I trust that Middle-earth will be held up as a model of literature and fantasy long after Westeros has blurred away. Out of appreciation for Tolkien’s 122nd birthday, here’s a comparison of the relative benefits of the fantasy creations The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones (known as LOTR and GOT) from J.R.R. and G.R.R, IMO. Let’s see which has an edge in each….

1. Short Guy Jokes: Hobbit Humor versus the Wit of TyrionLannister


There’s no simple way to say this: the Hobbits in Tolkien’s books aren’t as interesting as we think they are. Beyond any doubt they’re amiable, perky and savvy, yet I challenge any Tolkien fan to cite a Shire bon saying that doesn’t have anything to do with gardening or the smoking of pipe weed. On the other hand, TyrionLannister is one clever guy. He’s witty, lewd and gives enough gallows humor to his creator to have written a book titled The Wit and Wisdom of TyrionLannister. However, I’d rather go on an in crawl over the Shire and Buckland with Merry and Pippin. As it is, Tyrion would simply get you knifed in a bar brawl. G.R.R. Martin has the edge.

2. Game of Dragons: Smaug versus Daenerys’ Egg-babies

While there is no denying that newly born dragons are adorable as hell, Smaug is one of the scariest beasts ever. This smart and mischievous brute could pound the Khaleesi’s trio of winged squirts like Cadbury Creme Eggs. What’s more, Smaug is a punk when compared to the beast before him, that is; the mysterious and horrendous Glaurung of Tolkien’s The Silmarillion. That beast was the general of an orc army who could breathe fire and weave spells of distraction. Snarks and grumpkins, yet that isa very bad dragon! J.R. R has an edge.


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