8 Points OnThe Definitive Showdown Between’The Lord Of The Rings’ Versus ‘Game Of Thrones’

3. The Supreme Bean: Boromir versus Ned Stark


On-screen character Sean Bean is the most evident connection between the film adaptations of Tolkien and Martin. His depiction of Boromir in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings brought the vital gravitas to a brave yet conflicted character. What’s more, his brave yet at odds Ned Stark has turned into a notable TV role, regardless of the fact that he looked like Boromir only in a larger, furrier cloak. I can’t get enough of his brave yet at odds performances. What’s more, I can’t choose if Boromir or Ned Stark is better, since they’re precisely the same! It’s a tie.


4. To Finis or Not To Finis: A Tale That Ends versus a Never-Ending Story

Game of Thrones is an anticipated seven-book-series. However, after all is said and done, will Martin’s story truly have a feeling of conclusion? Call me antiquated, yet the way that The Lord of the Rings occurs in a moderately short measure of time, and has a conclusive completion, and a cheerful one, make it a classic. Tolkien lived sufficiently long after the production of LOTR to have toyed with making a sequel set in a Minas Tirith that had worsened from the glory days of King Elessar (otherwise known as Aragorn) and had become loaded with defiant Men and “satanic worshippers.” But he found the idea “depressing” and “vile,” sort of like GOT. In short, J.R.R. Tolkien has an edge.


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