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8 Reasons Making Benjamin Sisko The Greatest Starfleet Captain Ever

8 Reasons Making Benjamin Sisko The Greatest Starfleet Captain Ever

The debate regarding the best Starfleet captain has been on for a very long time now. James T Kirk has been one of the leading contenders in this race, however, for me Captain Benjamin Sisko is by far the best captain. Sure, there is stiff competition in this race and hence, let me provide evidence of the greatness of this captain.

Below are 10 reasons along with conclusive episode evidence, which prove that Benjamin Sisko is the greatest Starfleet captain. Click on the Next button to see the proof for this folr yourself:

1) Personal Cost Of Failure Is Known To Sisko

Episode Evidence: The Emissary

Deep Space Nine opened with the death of Sisko’s wife Jennifer and in those opening moments we shared Sisko’s greatest personal loss. It happened during the Battle of Wolf 359, where the first fleet of Federation sent to fight Borg faced defeat and bared the consequences of the same. The ship gets destroyed and Sisko is forced to not just leave his wife, but also gets trapped in a wreckage, while trying to save his son, although he finally manages to escape. This loss of Sisko shows us that he is aware of the personal cost of the war and knows that times will come when he can be on the losing side and pay a heavy price for the same. This character of his seen through the war with Dominion. In season 6 we again see him lose his best friend Jadzia Dax. Its not as if the other Starfleet captain have not faced personal losses, but the way this loss is known by Sisko, no one else does.


2) To Do The Necessary, He Is Ready To Cross The Line

Episode Evidence: IN The Pale Moonlight

Taking decisions, which are against the rules of Starfleet, is common for all captains. But, what Sisko does in season six’s episode ‘In The Pale Moonlight’, is absolutely stunning. Even before he had crossed the line when he had launched a missile at the Maquis inhabited planet, but in this episode he does the most outlandish thing in order to turn the tide of the Dominion war. Sisko believed that with the fall of planets like Betazed the Federation and Klingon, they needed Romulans to join their force. And therefore, he hires wily Garak to find information through which he can convince the Romulas that Dominions wanted to attack them. Maybe in a similar situation, other captains would have done the same thing and this also again shows Sisko’s great skill at using other people as good resources. But when all these efforts fail, Sisko, along with Garak, plans to fabricate an attack on the Romulas, which would prove it to them that Dominions truly were the enemy. The Romulas find out that the attack is fake, but when Garak actually blows off their ship and their people die, they decide to seek vengeance on the Dominions by joining the Federation and Klingon. Any other captain may have been overcome by guilt at murdering innocent people and admitted to his lies, but Sisko knows the cost of his truth and the desperate situation they were in where they needed the Romulas to be on their side. This silence of his proves to be the turning point in the war and helps them win it.

3) Brilliant Military Strategist

Episode Evidence: The sacrifice of Angels

He forged close ties with the Klingon Empire and had an experience of 5 years in Gamma Quadrant exploration. Both these qualities and many critical battles fought by his, make him the best military strategist on Starfleet. Some of his military achievements include the following:
Deep Space Nine defended against a Klingon armada.
Defending Deep Space Nine against the Dominion invasion for enough time to allow personnel and families to escape.
Retaking Deep space nine by leading 600 federation ships in a battle.
Drastic steps taken to bring Romulas to war.
At the Chintika System, he combined Federation with Klingon and Romula, in order to take on the Dominion.
To stop further unauthorized Klingon attacks, he authorized Worf to take care of Chancellor Gowron.
In the concluding Dominion war, the invasion of Cardassia, he was one of the three fleet commanders.
No other Starfleet captain has a resume as big as this belonging to Sisko, proving yet again that he is far superior to all the other captains.


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