8 Reasons Why The Force Awakens Is The Worst Star Wars Movie


In the old movies, there weren’t any filler characters as such. Nevertheless, this movie had many superfluous characters. Lando Calrissian is a case of the first motion pictures having somebody brought in to push the heroes up a score. Furthermore, Dooku in the prequels developed Anakin into a genuine Sith contender. They all had a reason to be there. Nevertheless, here, Finn (John Boyega), while extraordinarily fun, was somebody who could be taken out the storyline and whose absence wouldn’t back the plot off.

In addition to this, Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron felt superficially and was hurled in just to help get the cavalry towards the end. He did not have the significance of, say, a Han Solo or an Obi-Wan Kenobi, who all turned out to be a piece of the family and shaped the fate of the hero. This pilot was absolutely a deus ex machina. Lor San Tekka, who gave him information on discovering Luke, was scarcely clarified. He felt super unwarranted in the amazing plan of things and seemed to be thrown in only kick-start Luke’s search.



A considerable measure of this motion picture really wound up being profoundly unsurprising. It was a journey to find out the whereabouts of Luke, which didn’t use the old cast well (except Han Solo). Leia, C-3PO and R2-D2 were consigned to being minor. In addition to this, a considerable measure of what was unfolding was unwanted because you mainly wanted to find out why Luke fled. No “Star Wars” motion picture has ever had that impact.

Abrams focussed on the goal and not the adventure. Maz Kanata’s base, the Finn and Poe element, and keeping Rey’s adventure oblivious all the time just felt like the film wanted you hold on for it until the sequel where more could be clarified. If this film threw more light on Rey, or Kylo turning into a baddie, it would have been stronger. Furthermore, forgetting Luke for so long diminished the plot. It wound up being a treasure hunt with space baddies chasing rather than something brainier like the past movies.

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