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8 Scariest Doctor Who Episodes.

8 Scariest Doctor Who Episodes.

The TARDIS is all set to dock on the Le Verrier Space Station this Saturday for a very special episode of Doctor Who. It is penned by none other than Mark Gatiss, who has written episodes for all the new doctors.

His most recent story, titled “Sleep No More,” is inspired by the discovered footage genre and set amid the 38th century. Furthermore, it guarantees a lot of hair-raising scenes.

We chose to think back and pick some other hair-raising episodes from the previous eight seasons. Here’s what we have…

8. “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances” (Season 1)

Dread Factor: This two-part series had the Ninth Doctor traveling to 1941 London, amid the peak of World War II. There, he meets a young boy who is actually an alien possessing a body. He is searching for his mom while wearing a gas mask that is really fused to his face. If that picture itself isn’t sufficient to bring about a profound feeling of unease, the youngster over and again asked the frightening question, “Are you my mummy?”


7. “The Girl in the Fireplace” (Season 2)

Dread Factor: Even clocks can’t be trusted in this fairy tale like cavort that has the Tenth Doctor crossing a time portal into the room of a young lady named Reinette living in eighteenth Century France. At the point when the Doctor acknowledges something unsettling, he encounters mercenary clockwork droids. Years later on, the Doctor meets a grown-up Reinette (AKA Madame du Pompadour, the real paramour of King Louis XV) and must save her once again from being killed by the droids.


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