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8 Things We Would Like To See In Doctor Who: Season 10

8 Things We Would Like To See In Doctor Who: Season 10

Shooting is currently well in progress on the new season of Doctor Who. Peter Capaldi is back for a third year as the Twelfth Doctor, with Pearl Mackie joining the TARDIS as new buddy Bill. We also have a surprising return with Matt Lucas’ Nardole from ‘The Husbands of River Song’.

Season 10 isn’t expected to screens until next spring. However, how about we consider some of the things we would like to see when Doctor Who returns…

1. The Destiny Of Rassilon

Recall that Rassilon, the once powerful President of Gallifrey and co-founder of Time Lord Society, is ousted by the Doctor in “Hell Bent”, thereby making The Doctor the President of Gallifrey (once more).

Now, the big question is; where did Rassilon go after leaving the Citadel? Did he stay hidden in some part of Gallifrey, or did he go to another planet to form a deadly alliance?

These are questions which have been kept at bay a couple by Steven Moffat. However, ideally let’s hope that the character has another lease proceeding into Season 10.

‘The End of Time’ demonstrated that Rassilon would destroy everything in his way, including the Doctor, in an endeavor to stay alive and rule, so we can’t envision that he’ll consider the recent events with triviality.

As far as character development, Rassilon ought to show up in Series 10 more as a central character instead of only a cameo. As far back as his “introduction” in 1983’s ‘The Five Doctors’, Rassilon has been a more strange character than The Doctor himself.

There is constrained information about Rassilon in TV and spin-off media, aside from the fact that everything on ’70s and ’80s Gallifrey mythology was named after him. Maybe Rassilonshould regenerate into a more fierce, more youthful incarnation to defeat the Doctor?


2. Earlier Broadcast Time

Most would agree that no one was content with Season 9’s later broadcasting times. As it is, it was aired between around 8pm and 9pm; when young fans had to go to bed, elder fans wanted to watch the show before going out on a Saturday night, including Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

Obviously, it implied Season 9 could escape with some scarier, gorier minutes than normal. However, everybody feels that it wasn’t the opportune time slot and the ratings unquestionably suffered.

One key advantage of Season 10’s spring 2017 would be that BBC One hasn’t got the chance to crush 90 minutes of Strictly into the Saturday evening plan. This leaves for space for Doctor Who in a more stable 7pm slot. 

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