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8 Unrelated Movies You Had No Clue Existed In The Same Universe.

8 Unrelated Movies You Had No Clue Existed In The Same Universe.

Because of Marvel Studios, motion picture crossovers have turned into a common happening in silver screen today, especially in the superhero category. However, what’s intriguing is when films you had no clue were associated are, in one way or another, connected by a common link or inventive alliance. So, in case you’re interested in getting to know some of the more astounding connections between stand-alone films and film franchises, take a look at these 8 apparently irrelevant motion pictures you most likely had no clue existed in a similar universe.

8. Star Wars and E.T.

George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg are well known companions. So when Spielberg was taking a shot at E.T. in the 80s, Lucas inquired if he could incorporate a Yoda cameo in the film to help in the promotion of Return of the Jedi, which turned out a year after E.T.
Spielberg gave a nod and the cameo came as a young man in a Halloween costume that E.T. attempted to follow while humming “home, home, home.” Some individuals took this as a sign that E.T. perceived Yoda as a creature from “home.” Lucas affirmed the theory when he gave back its due to Spielberg by including three E.T. looking aliens at the senate meeting in A Phantom Menace. After some time, the aliens were affirmed to be of the same Asogian race as E.T. Lucas took the tribute a step further by naming the pioneer of the trio Senator Grebleips, which is actually Spielberg spelled in reverse.


7. Transformers and G.I. Joe

As of late, a few people on the internet have been getting disturbed after hearing gossipy titbits that the next Transformers film will include the most current incarnations of G.I. Joe. However, what those individuals aren’t aware of is that G.I. Joe and Transformers have always existed in a similar universe.
Even if you cast a blind eye over the fact that the toys were both Hasboro products, the two franchises have showed up in comic book and even cartoon crossovers since the 80s. In this way, they’re similar to X-Men and The Avengers, in that they presumably ought to have been in films together by now.

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