9 Marvel Movie Universe Mysteries We Still Can’t Comprehend!

9 Marvel Movie Universe Mysteries We Still Can’t Comprehend!

The Marvel Universe has made an astounding job with regards to of connecting up various movies and characters in a genuinely strong world. We can see that the stories are heading towards something huge involving Thanos and the Infinity Stones. Yet, for all the work Marvel has put into making the stories appear to be genuine and completely fleshed out, there are still a couple of things that make no sense.

1. Do non-Marvel Studios properties exist there?

The presentation of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron presented a lot of stuff Marvel can’t in any way, shape or form clarify. We, as a group of people, realize that Disney/Marvel claims the core properties of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They possess the Avengers and their constituent individuals, and now they share Spider-Man with Sony. However, they can’t utilize the X-Men, aside from Quicksilver, apparently, which is bizarre. He was even in an X-Men motion picture.
To the extent legalities go, the way that Quicksilver has been both an Avenger and X-Man in the comics is what permitted him to show up in two separate film franchises. You’ll see that in the Avengers, he and his sister are never called mutants, and their dad Magneto is never mentioned. Those things are possessed by Fox. In any case, does Quicksilver’s presence in the MCU imply that the X-Men and the Fantastic Four share a world with the Avengers? Which different mutants have similar crossover ability? Various X-Men have battled close by the Avengers throughout the years, outstandingly Beast and Wolverine. Is there a way they would ever appear in the Avengers universe? If not them, then maybe different less prominent X-characters?


2. Where do the Infinity Stones originate from?

We know Thanos is an awful purple man. We know he needs the Infinity Stones and we know mortals can’t employ their power. What we don’t know is truly anything else. Where did the Stones originate from? The Collector tells the Guardians that they existed before the universe as singularities and were refined into powerful ingots. How can he know that? Also, how did Thanos know them enough to make a glove that would fit every one of them? There’s just a lot of riddle encompassing the Infinity Stones at this moment to make them appear like a threat. In the event that one can demolish planets all alone, exactly what could every one of them do together? And why is Thanos so certain he can control them?

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