9 of the ultimate space ship face offs! continued…

3) Tardis- TA DA! –

The highly capable star ship has the capacity to roll from one galaxy to the other and can allow one to be at a different galaxy in blink of an eye, don’t be surprised if you feel like exploring a new galaxy and you already find TARDIS over there.


4) The Planet Express Ship- as the name suggests express, let’s see what’s so quick bout it-

How about a star ship which is capable enough to be fuel efficient as well? The well – known ship is very cost effective. This is the reason why it has the capacity to move from one galaxy to another without any second thought. The most fuel efficient has more to offer. This isn’t the end to the features it possesses.
The planet express ship is considered to be the fastest ships in the history of science fiction. The regular intergalactic flights allow it to easily be one of the fastest.


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