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9 Stories Behind Minor Characters In Star Wars

9 Stories Behind Minor Characters In Star Wars

In the old Expanded Universe, each minor character in every scene had an intricate and exciting story to tell. There are no boring characters in the world of George Lucas. Therefore, with such a large number of little visitors in The Force Awakens and not enough time to recount their stories, who should we focus on? Here are a couple of minor characters we thought we should cast a glance at.

1. Captain Phasma

It’s not depicted clearly in The Force Awakens, but it seems as though Captain Phasma serves under Supreme Leader Snoke. It also suggests that he’s on an equal footing with General Hux and Kylo Ren. Phasma was in charge of getting together and training her first elite unit. She memorized each Stormtrooper’s strengths, shortcomings and serial numbers. Her armour is really covered by the remnants of Palpatine’s old ship. This proves that Starkiller Base had more than one villain who enjoyed relics of dead Sith. Perhaps Hux has Governor Tarkin’s burnt up undergarments on under his officer duds, as well. Additionally, Phasma will return in Episode VIII. This means that she didn’t really die in that junk compactor.


2. Maz Kanata

Star Wars legend states that this bespectacled smuggler is no less than a thousand years of age. This implies that she’s the oldest known living person in the galaxy other than Snoke. She’s seen the Empire rise and fall, and knows the inside secrets of the Jedi. Even though she’s not a Jedi herself, she battles against the Dark Side. Furthermore, she’s Force sensitive. This is what enabled her to locate the legendary Skywalker lightsaber, probably so another Chosen One would inevitably be attracted to it the storage unit in her castle.

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