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Changes in the Characters of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Over Time.

Changes in the Characters of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Over Time.

In a not so distant past, Sons of Anarchy made its debut on FX. It was supposed to be a story similar to Hamlet, but not situated in the medieval times, but times of today on a bike! It was all about cool biker guys doing what cool biker gangs do. It soon climbed its way to become one of the best shows on television.

 If you have been diligently following Sons of Anarchy from day one, you can probably understand what we are talking about here. The changes in the characters of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ from the pilot season Vs now have been tremendous and has the potential for introspection.

 The darkening of the light skin tone of Jax Teller or the deepening of hair color of Gemma, all have matured with each season. Maybe, it was all because of the countless promises broken, deals gone wrong or the violent murders. Each character has gone through deep pain and this is depicted by their looks. The ‘brotherhood’ has surely changed people and SAMCRO did more than just change people’s appearance. It changes lives, and for some by death!


Gemma Morrow1Gemma Morrow2

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