Cosplayers The Top 6 Best Male Ever!

Cosplayers The Top 6 Best Male Ever!

Dressing up has long been a women’s game. But if you were to go back far enough in the history, you would encounter instances of male vanity over and over- Knights in their shining armours and plumes, Robin Hood, the richly and elaborately dressed figures of Shakespearean times! The foppish Casanovas that we read so much about in Venice and Italy would probably be the best examples of elaborately dressed man. Also, if you don’t really care to go back that further down the history lane, we have had comic heroes to lead us on to the road to men who are a tad more indulgent in their dressing style.
However, on the other hand, it was almost impossible to spot women near a comic book store for quite many years. Science Fiction, Comic Books, and Video Games, for long has been the male nerd domain. This, however, has been changing in the recent past. There are a lot of gorgeous women cosplayers we have seen because whatever anyone says, women have been masters at this game for too long. But then there are these men who won’t shy away from being adventurous and breaking traditional social conventions. This breakage of sexist stereotype has, of course, received much help from the comic con and nerd cultures and several other cult symbols.

We compiled a list of the very best male Cosplayers in the world who are giving tough competition to their female counterparts and not just that but collaborating to create some of the most iconic scenes and instances from the History. Here they are:

1. Danquish

A professional Cosplayer, Danquish can play about just anything that catches his fancy to the perfection. From the last four years that he took up cosplaying, he has appeared at various comic con conventions and cosplaying events. His love for cosplaying has garnered him much acclaim and popularity. In fact, one of his fans was inspired to get a tattoo of SubZero from Mortal Combat based on Danquish’s representation. Such reverence has been well earned for Danquish, who is most famously known for playing characters like SubZero from Mortal Combat and Scorpion.
He says about himself that he justifies playing more than one characters because he lives his life one cosplay con at a time.

2. D-Piddy

A self-proclaimed Comic book geek, movie buff, Gamer and fun seeker, D-Piddy embodies the central mantra of cosplaying- ‘Have Fun’. And never lets anyone forgets that. He describes himself as someone who dresses up as fictional characters and makes YouTube videos. But with the kind of fan following he has (over 100,000 Likes on Facebook!) we would say he clearly does far more than just dress up. He has been a part of various events like Anime Los Angeles and ConComics Guadalajara and can be seen hugging other characters, break dancing, and making hilarious Youtube videos. D-Piddy’s favourite character is Deadpool, and no one who has seen him as being Deadpool at a cosplay event will ever doubt his dedication to the character and cosplay of course.

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