10 Shrewd Unofficial Crossover Between Marvel And DC.

10 Shrewd Unofficial Crossover Between Marvel And DC.

We are aware and even accustomed to characters from parallel universes crossing over but what about the times when DC and Marvel superheroes meet each other? You come to a halt and say, “Wait! DC and Marvel are separate universes, aren’t they?” Well, yes. Technically and officially they are but that doesn’t stop them from crossing over. And crossover they did on several occasions. Clever writers find ways to make this happen one way or another. Let us recount the time’s canny writers and illustrators have allowed stealthy team-ups under the table? This article is about 10 such occasions when DC met Marvel or vice-versa in comic books. Clever.

10. Teen Titans sets aflame the X-Mansion

Let’s go back to the year 2011 when former X-Men writer Scott Lobdell was employed by DC. His job – he was given the responsibility to reboot Teen Titans. It seems like DC wanted an overhaul of sort, the kind where the order is “out all thing old, in with the new” sort of reboot. How much more drastic can it get than introducing Marvel elements? The opening of the comic zooms in to an abandoned mansion in Westchester County which is in the state of New York. The mansion is set on fire. The mansion is none other than the old haunt of the X-Men – X-Mansion. We can see that Lobdell has put his Marvel experience to assist him here. Clever.


9. Clark Kent’s many interactions/rendezvous with Marvel World

Clark Kent has a well-documented history of showing up in the Marvel Universe and interacting with Marvel heroes. He is usually found on the beat like when he walked into Thor (I am referring to The Mighty Thor#341). In other time, as was seen in (Avengers #325) he seems to have taken a liking to She-Hulk’s bosom. He cuddled against her as if all senses of time and place became mundane and useless concepts and the only thing that mattered was him and his bear hugs. In Avengers #296 and Excalibur #8, he is gawking and marvelling at marvel heroes (excuse the terrible pun). In Marvel Team-Up #79 and Secret Wars II #7, he remembers that as a journalist, his job is to report. In another occasion, he is rescued by Ghost Rider.

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