DC meets Marvel: 10 Unofficial Crossovers

8. The Hulk versus Doomsday – The Green Goliath wins

I have often wondered how a battle of behemoths, Doomsday versus The Hulk would pan out. In the course of my research for this piece, I got to know that the fight had already taken place. In 1994’s Hulk #413, the Green monster of a fighter is seen battling his foes in a virtual reality game. One of the foes had an uncanny resemblance to Doomsday (he beat Superman). His arm is mighty similar to Doomsday. Does that mean The Hulk is stronger than Superman?Hmm…

7. Terror Reign of Ruthless alien Martians

A group of White Martians descended to earth in the first issue of JLA. Morrison was at the helm on JLA that time. This alien bunch was masquerading as superheroes before they revealed their ruthless side when they started to executing villains with impunity. Where is the marvel element here? Among those decimated are some Marvel characters including Wolverine and Doctor Doom. They were mercilessly tied to posts before being zapped till they died. I did say these aliens are ruthless.

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