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Doctor Who Series 9 – 5 Most Menacing Monsters!

Doctor Who Series 9 – 5 Most Menacing Monsters!

The staple thing on all episodes of Doctor Who no matter if they are set in the past, present or future is qualities of the monsters. It doesn’t matter if they will ultimately survive or die, they are always top-notch. Ranging from the triumphant comeback of the Daleks and the Cyberman or even the wonderfully refreshing Weeping Angels, the show has offered us some of the very best baddies both new and old. It is also to be added that, we have also witnessed new foes who are best forgotten – Angry scribble monsters from Fear Her, is an example from this category.

Luckily for us, Series 9 has done particularly well in its choice and use of monsters. Instances of lackluster plot and poor characterization of the monsters have been compensated with excellence in the design department, in the process, making for some memorable new additions to the Doctor Who pantheon of pains. As fans will testify, the 2015 season had something for everyone – from the sleepy Sandmen in Sleep No More to Leandro the lion man from The Woman Who Lived.

With so many standout monsters in the roster, the question is – which was the most menacing monster? Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the baddest of them all? It is time for our top 5 countdown. Without further do, we present you our top 5.

5. The Fisher King

On number 5 we have, The Fisher King. The antagonist the episodesUnder the Lake and Before the Flood is the very example of style over substance. But as we all know sometimes a thing is so damn stylish that lack of substance lacks little. This seems to be the case with the Fisher King who just looks so darn impressive that he just had to be on this list.

So, what has he got going for him? He is a huge towering hulk of a creature with a spooky skeletal appearance and a deafeningly demonic voice. He is undoubtedly the most kickass looking monster that the costume designers have come up for Peter Capaldi’s second series. His stand-off with The Doctor had an intensity and terror which is not found with most other rivalries. So why is it not higher on the list? I have just one word for it – evil scheme. Any intelligent show cannot have a badass villain whose scheme lacks good motivation and plans. The Fisher King’s motivation seems bewildering at best. That he still makes the list speaks volumes of how high her scored in the departments in which he did. It’s such a shame that he didn’t get used to his potential to the fullest and in the end, he was quite literally swept away so easily. Our fingers are crossed that he washes up on the shore of some faraway beach ready to return and fight when the time is right.


4. The Quantum Shade

The Quantum shade is number four on the list – the dreaded Raven itself who haunts the dreams of Clara Oswald fans all across the Whoniverse. To be fair, despite the sinister foreboding and aura, the flying death-bringer is in truth, not an inherently evil creature. It is just helping in maintaining peace on Trap Street by preying upon criminal’s soul.  Funnily enough, The Doctor doesn’t really have a lot of interaction with it.

Yet, it is on the list due to the sheer sinister-ness of its preferred method of hunting. Just think – it matters not where you run in all of time and space, it cannot be evaded. It will find you, and it will get you. You may be able to pass on the sentence, but you can’t escape it entirely – something that Clara learned the hard way. History will remember The Raven as the monster that ended Jenna Coleman’s time in the TARDIS.


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