Get the first official sneak-peek at George Miller’s long-backed documentary – Justice League: Mortal

Get the first official sneak-peek at George Miller’s long-backed documentary – Justice League: Mortal

George Miller, the famous Australian director of the recent blockbuster, super-doper hit movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, which maddened the audience with its miracle appeal, was said to have had plans about releasing his most amazing movie, called Justice League: Mortal back in 2008. But, unfortunately, the movie got scrapped due to various unpleasant factors, including script leakage and writer’s strike!

But, ah haan! No worries! We have got the good news for Miller’s fans and that is, that the long backed scrapped movie, once again gained the limelight as soon as the documentary’s official Twitter account recently released several pieces of concept art and storyboards, giving us a glimpse into what the DC Universe would look like! These prosthetics aroused interest in millions of viewers and helped in publicizing the old project.

This movie, which is said to have been adapting the DC Comics superhero team, is said to be based on Batman creating a satellite called Brother Eye and Max Lord hijacking it and so on. While not only the concept of the movie is interesting, but also the pictures the Twitter account released are very captivating. The pieces of concept art featured Wonder Woman in action (Fury Road’s Megan Gale) as well as the new potential look of Aquaman (to be played by Heroes’ Santiago Cabrera).

The account also tweeted an amazing sculpt of prosthetic work depicting the intended transformation of Hugh Keays-Byrne ( Fury Road’s, Immortan Joe) into the Martian Manhunter. Further, the publicity of the documentary was not solely limited to Twitter but also, Steve Skroce, who drew storyboards for the movie, released a batch of boards on his Facebook account showing Wonder Woman and Superman fighting it out (this was apparently going to be due to Superman being mind-controlled by Mortal’s villain, Maxwell Lord).

The movie is expected to release somewhere around in the November, 2017 and its part 2 in 2019. Well, it’s all the more interesting and fascinating to witness a sneak-peek into such a flabbergasting and jaw-dropping project. And, I hope, this time, no obstacles come in its way and it turns out to be a “Delight-To-Watch” stuff!



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