6 Extremely Hot Actresses Hidden Behind Special Effects In Guardian Of The Galaxy 2.

6 Extremely Hot Actresses Hidden Behind Special Effects In Guardian Of The Galaxy 2.

A new Guardians Of The Galaxy movie is dominating the domestic as well as International box office once again, however, the critics at rotten tomatoes have given the sequel a little less scores than the original movie, which allowed some social media houses to create some controversial articles calling out “Rotten Tomatoes Ratings For GOTG 2 Continue To Drop” but in just couple of days it was clear that none of these click-bait articles are going to stop the audience from going to the theaters.

One of the things that really impressed me again is the spectacular variations of Alien species, CGI, and the special effects, it was not only diverse but it clearly looks like James Gunn has made sure the quality has to be absolute best. His movies have a fantastic balance of practical and special effects.

I wouldn’t be surprised if GOTG ends up winning an oscar for makeup and hairstyles this year, because if Suicide Squad can get an oscar for make-up then why not GOTG 2? There are so many characters in GOTG now that it has become “Avengers in Space”, and plus did you guys noticed a lot of 80’s superstars are in GOTG now, for example – Sylvester Stallon, Kurt Russell, and they even managed to add an 80’s babe Glenn Close as well.

Talking about Glenn Close, did you guys also observed that hell lot of amazingly hot actresses are present in GOTG, but they drowned in special effects and makeup that we barely get a glimpse of their real-life beauty! That’s the reason we created this post, which compares the GOTG characters with the real life actresses who are playing them in the movie. Prepare yourself, because your “Mind = Blown”, here we go:-

1. Elizabeth Debicki As Ayesha


2. Zoe Saldana as Gamora


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