Here are 10 best episodes of Star Trek Enterprise! continued…

8. Episode 10 of Season 3 – Similitude

The concept of a mimetic symbiote creature fanaticizes many of the enthusiasts. In fact, the Enterprise series was bit more objective in tacking such mixing of the ideas than its earlier predecessor series. The ideas like designer babies, cloning and stem cell lines were nurtured beautifully that kept the enthusiasts bound.


7. Episode 21 of Season 3 – E Squared

Some sort of futuristic concept has been served in a very engaging manner towards the fans who have grabbed it pretty well. The fans get to see the future version of the space ship in the role of a ‘generator’ and what’s more? This space ship is manned by the offspring of the present crew members. A type of utopia but brilliantly captured the fancy of the fans through scenes like Malcolm Reed finding his future version unmarried and single!


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