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Here are 10 best episodes of Star Trek Enterprise

Here are 10 best episodes of Star Trek Enterprise

We love to live the thoughts that are more fiction and less of reality because of our inherent fancy to live the fantasies. Also for that same reason, the entertainment industry, particularly the TV and cinema have been experimenting with such ideas and themes. Star Trek series on the television has been a hugely popular one. It offered a thoughtful excursion into the meta life spaces that have been cherished by the humans on earth; we all get indulged easily in the talk of the aliens!

The Star Trek Enterprise TV series is full of such entertaining episodes and many enthusiasts like to have a peer review of those; often making the comparisons as which are the best ones. Here is an authentic review of the top ten episodes of Star Trek Enterprise. Look out below and recall yours also –

10. Episode no. 22 of Season 4 – These are the Voyagers

This is hailed as one of the favorites among the fans and enthusiasts of it. People loved watching their favorite characters back in action on the screen again. The presence of Frakes and Marina in the boots of Riker and Troi has fascinated the fans in this one! This also indicated the good culminations of the Star Trek Enterprise series.


9. Episode no. 24 of Season 2 – The First Flight

A fine role portraying by Archer! This episode generated an iconic identity for the Star Trek Enterprise series as it succeeded in the offering of the space fantasy and allied fervor to the seekers. The Warp 5 Program was iconic in the way that it lent a real space type feeling that was missing till now.


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