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3. Kaley Cuoco’s Love For Harambe – The Gorilla Controversy.

Last year a Gorilla named Harambe was killed in a zoo because one child fell in his cage. A video footage of Harambe’s assassination was made public, where the Gorilla was shown to be friendly with the kid, but still, the Zoo officials shot him down. This act disheartened Kaley, she called the whole act as “insensitive” and wrote a lengthy post on this matter. A lot of people thought that Kaley was over-reacting to this, they even called her a hypocrite and claimed that she would have done the same if her kid was inside the cage with a fully grown Gorilla.


4. She Had A Severe Nasal Spray Addiction.

In the Ellen Degeneres show, Kaley confirmed that she had a severe addiction of Nasal Sprays, and she had even developed a physical dependence on it. In order to get rid of this, she went to a rehabilitation center for 14 days. It was really hard for her to drop a long term addiction like this, but somehow she managed to get away from that. Her condition was so bad that she used to have those Nasal Sprays just before her shooting and even during award shows.


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