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10 Pictures Of Star Wars Plus Sized Hotness “Ivy Doomkitty”.

10 Pictures Of Star Wars Plus Sized Hotness “Ivy Doomkitty”.

Things like Body Shaming and Slut shaming are taking more lives than ever before. Some of it is also related to the advent of the social media, where coward people feel more empowered behind their computer screens and keyboards, and they start to spew vicious things about people that can break the victim’s confidence in her/his personality forever.

It all looks fun and games, but every time they hear those harsh words about their body, those words start to become their realities.

The worst part about this is that the people who body shame others will never face the conditions of their victims, hence they will prevail forever. They will never understand the meaning of being called “FAT” every god damn day!

One of the effective ways to eradicate this behavior of trolls is to make the plus-size a new “Normal”. The cosplaying champions like “Ivy Doomkitty” are leading the efforts in this area.

She is a true geek girl, who doesn’t go on an intense Keto diet before her major cosplays, instead, she focuses on her costumes and delivers amazing cosplays with confidence & pride.

We grabbed the best of Ivy Doom Kitty’s Star Wars cosplays for our readers, and here are her amazing cosplay pictures, enjoy fellas! May the force be with you!




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