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8 Best Body-Painted Princess Leia Pictures Are Just Amazing!

8 Best Body-Painted Princess Leia Pictures Are Just Amazing!

The Superhero culture has taken over the world, we are living in the era of geeks and nerds. However, things were not the same back in 70’s or 80’s for the cosplaying geeks because they were ridiculed and harassed by the “General population”.

All these efforts on costume creation and appearing at public conventions wearing them, seemed way too crazy to the general audience back then. But like I have said, times have changed significantly, and now cosplay is revered as an art form where people from across the globe, invest thousands of dollars in creating innovative costumes of their favorite characters depicting their love towards that franchise!

The Slave Leia cosplays are iconic to modern comic book conventions, you can easily spot at least 10 different version of Slave Leia in such gatherings. People have been cosplaying as Slave Leia for more than 30 years, and we don’t think it is going to stop anytime soon.

From past couple of years, a new branch of Cosplay known as Body paint cosplay has gained tons of attention. In comic books, we’ve seen the superheroes and superheroines wearing bodysuits that appear like they have been tightly glued to their bodies, unfortunately, you can’t have that kind of look with any fabric.

That’s where body paints come into the picture, they take the cosplayers one step closer to the comic book characters in terms of their looks but these kind of cosplays are risky and they require much more care and attention.

Here are the pictures of some beautiful Leias, who have nothing ON, except some Body Paint:-

1) Keep your tools ready.

Body Paint Cosplay is not easy.  It requires tons of special makeup tools and specific type of non-toxic paint. Don’t use your kid’s watercolor, nail polish, or anything from your house. You need to picking up a non-toxic body paint from the market that is created for this purpose. Don’t cut corners on this one, or you will have to suffer for your entire life. 

2) Are you allergic to paint?

If you are allergic to paint, don’t take your chances. The body point doesn’t go away easily, and if you see rashes or aggressive itching across your body part. You need to run, take the shower and get yourself checked by the Doctor.


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