Spider-man: Homecoming star Michael Keaton in praise of Marvel calls it a well-oiled machine

Spider-man: Homecoming star Michael Keaton in praise of Marvel calls it a well-oiled machine

In a featured interview with Deadline, Michael Keaton star from Spider-man: Homecoming praised the efficiency and organization of Marvel Studios in the field of film making while also reflecting on his time portraying Batman.


Michael Keaton will be making his long awaited return to the realm of comic book movies next year when he plays the role of the villainous Vulture in Spider-man: Homecoming. Keaton is well-known amongst fans for not attracting a lot of attention, so fans all over the world were very excited to see their favorite actor accept such a high profile role related to the superhero genre such a long time after his work as the first Batman of cinema in 1989.

In his interview with Deadline about his role portraying the character Ray Kroc in The Founder, Keaton examined how the world of superhero films has changed since his time portraying the Dark Knight, which then led on to a quick discussion about working on this Marvel movie. He said he has thought about the way things have changed because he has just done Spider-man with Marvel. He calls Marvel “one well-oiled machine” and says that it is remarkable how Marvel has got the whole thing covered in a qualitative manner.

When he was asked to elaborate on his statement, Keaton explained how he enjoyed the organization of the studio and was glad to be surrounded by great actors, just like how he felt while working with Tim Burton for Batman. He pointed out just how efficient it is in the best way and how it functions on a practical level, they are very organized in what they make and conscientious about what they have. He said that Marvel has always had great actors and Batman always had great actors surrounding the main character. He pointed out to actors like Pat Hingle, who really understood the importance of the script and protected the lore and culture while understanding the enormity of it on a capitalistic level.

Even though he has not watched any of the Marvel films and never watches any film he stars in, but Keaton praised fellow actor Tom Holland. He says that Tom is a “great kid” and that his part is not easy to do. Keaton says it is not a matter of judgment that he has not seen any of those movies.

Michael Keaton will soar into the screens as The Vulture in July 7, 2017 in Spider-man: Homecoming


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