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10 Amazing Then & Now Pictures Of The Star Trek Enterprise Cast.

10 Amazing Then & Now Pictures Of The Star Trek Enterprise Cast.

The Star Trek Enterprise fleet always went to the places, where no man, or woman, had gone before, but now where are they? Especially the actors of Star Trek: Enterprise. At least the first two series of Star Trek, the TOS and Next Generation used to meet up during the shoots of the movies, but in the case of Enterprise, they didn’t get such a chance! But yes, they do have a lot of conventions, where they all meetup.
Enterprise was not a spectacular hit that everyone expected it to be, on the other hand, its ratings plummeted with time. People even call it a franchise killer. We liked the show, and it had some excellent moments. Come on, let’s see how our actors are doing now! Use the next page button to follow ahead. LLAP!

1. Trip And Reed


2. Dominic Keating

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  1. Jerry

    November 8, 2015 at 12:25 am

    Loved the show! Haters gonna hate, I say let them, they know nothing! I am actually in the midst of watching the series again with my wife! Long live Star Trek!!

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