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Star Trek: Voyager’s Jennifer Lien, Real life Story Revealed!

Star Trek: Voyager’s Jennifer Lien, Real life Story Revealed!

Star Trek has propelled many actors to name, fame and glory. However, there are some who’ve vanished into oblivion. Jennifer Lien happens to be one such actor. It was expected that she signed for more movies and television shows and went on doing them.

‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Actress Jennifer Lien Arrested For Indecent Exposure
Everyone thought this headline not to be as bad as the real storyline. Here is what actually happened-
It is said that Jennifer Lien was arrested in her Harriman, Tennessee, home on September 3 because she was found exposing herself to the children. According to ABC WATE reports on 31st August, a passerby commented on her crying children which led to Jennifer ranting on that neighbour. What happened next was not good. Jennifer lifted up her shirt and dropped her pants, exposing herself while the three children looked on. The police issued her detainer summons for indecent exposure.
When the officers later came up with a warrant arrest on September 3, she was found naked under a blanket refusing her arrest. She threatened the officers that she would get them shot and killed. For the time being, she is in the custody.
Her mugshots are quite not beautiful.
Her story is quite sad and depressing

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