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8 Reasons Why The Force Awakens Is The Worst Star Wars Movie

8 Reasons Why The Force Awakens Is The Worst Star Wars Movie

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” had fans hurrying to the theatres towards the end of 2015. That’s because they wanted to see their darling franchise reignited on the big screen. J.J. Abrams changed over from rebooting “Star Trek” to proceed with the account of the Skywalker family and a fallen Empire in a galaxy far, far away. We expected spaceship fights and galactic legislative issues. However, we were mostly yearning to see what occurred next.

Tragically, many fans were baffled that the film was a repeat of the originals. It didn’t do much to facilitate the franchise’s most intriguing stories, like the war between the Jedi and Sith, or fascinating ways of the Force. Therefore, we chose to examine 8 reasons this film, while an adoring tribute, was the most terrible in the whole franchise.


“Star Wars” was about subjugating the galaxy through the Empire’s corruption and politics. They did this with the planet-destroying weapon, the Death Star, at the core of things. When “The Force Awakens” uncovered that it would utilize a similar weapon, however this time in the shape and size of a planet (Starkiller base) rather than a moving satellite, there was a dash of unoriginality. They essentially grounded the Death Star on the Starkiller Base, hitching energy from the stars and shooting at targets.

You’d hope that the Empire (or Empire-like elements) would know not to place every one of their expectations on one noteworthy weapon. That’s particularly because the Resistance often assaults head-on and obliterates it. What about enhancing your fleets? Having various WMDs? Or, they could have expanded their political reach like we saw on “The Phantom Menace?” With “The Last Jedi,” we’re hoping to see something other than a noteworthy laser.



We never got the chance to comprehend Kylo’s reasons for failing his family, betraying Luke, his Jedi master, and disposing of the new Jedi order with his Knights of Ren. Abrams and crew presumably left this to be developed in future films. However, a background was expected to let bus know why he was such a whiny, emo rascal. His consistent disappointment at Rey made him disappointing and far from the threatening villains like Darth Maul, Moff Tarkin, Count Dooku, Darth Vader and the Emperor.
The shot where he melts down in the control room, utilizing his Sith forces and lightsaber to decimate everything, gave the impression of a child who lost his toy. Furthermore, with Snoke (his new master) always monitoring his feelings detracted us from how threatening he could have been. In fact, Vader in that last “Rogue One” scene felt a great deal more abhorrent than what Kylo brought in this whole motion picture.

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