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10 Sizzling Fan-Arts Depicting A Hidden Side Of “Rey” That Disney Will Never Show Us.

10 Sizzling Fan-Arts Depicting A Hidden Side Of “Rey” That Disney Will Never Show Us.

The Internet is filled up to the neck with theories about Rey’s parentage and her future alignments with the force & dark side. Nobody had thought that the trailer of “The Last Jedi” is going to open avenues for the concept of Gray Jedi that’s is considered as a “Fan-Made” fantasy.

A lot of people are really excited to understand this diversion between Light and Dark side, but there are also people who are heavily disappointed by the introduction of Gray Jedi idea. People are also expecting that “The Last Jedi” will be a retro remix of “Empire Strikes Back”, and they are not wrong because “The Force Awakens” had picked up a lot of styling elements and story arcs from the “Episode 4”.

In the Episode 5 had given the legendary Slave Leia costume to Princess Leia, are we going to the sexualization of Rey in Episode 8? Because if they do it, the whole fandom is going to go crazy, especially the male fans, and the feminazis will be out for the blood. Anything can happen in a Star Wars movie, the people behind the franchise know how to surprise its audience! We are not sure if Disney will ever let the Lucas Film do this to Rey, but we can surely give you a glimpse of “What will happen if Rey’s beauty gets the forefront?”.

We have scraped the internet to get you guys some really saucy fan-arts of Rey, that exposes a completely different side to her personality. Here are the 10 best fan-arts of Rey from a completely fresh angle on her persona:-

1. Dull To Swell!

This version of Rey’s attire is much better than the Grandma costume that she wears in the Force Awakens.


2. The Heat Of Jakku

J.J Abrams should have considered the “Heat” in the deserts of Jakku and should have gone ahead with the more revealing version of Rey’s costume like displayed in this picture.P.S – I just pissed off thousands of Feminazis by the writing that line.


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