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  • NCIS
    10 Sizzling Pics Of NCIS Diva Cote de Pablo Is Going To Make Fans Drool.

    It’s been more than a year since Ziva (played by Cote De Pablo) has left the show, and her departure had a long-term impact on the dynamics of the show. Moreover, her removal from the show made fans incredibly sad because they enjoyed various ups and downs of NCIS with Ziva on...

  • Power Ranger
    Top 6 Actresses of New Power Ranger Movie Are Going To Heat Up The World!

    Power Ranger is one of the longest running show on the TV, and it is an international hit. You probably won’t find a country where the 80’s or 90’s kids haven’t grown up watching Power Rangers. As an actor, once you become the Power Ranger, you will be known by it throughout...

  • Comics
    Thor: Ragnarok-Top 12 Revelations from New Images

    After what feels like ages, we finally have a legitimate first take at Thor: Ragnarok. It’s the...

  • Sons of Anarchy
    Sons Of Anarchy: 6 Confirmed Actors For Mayans MC

    We are aware that Mayans MC will centre round the rival club of the original series. Furthermore,...

  • Comics
    12 Expected Marvel Movies In Phase 4

    As far as Phase 4 in Marvel Movies is concerned, we can expect a Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, a Doctor Strange spin-off and there’s a high probability that we’ll see more Ant-Man, Black Panther and a little more of Captain Marvel. Be that as it may, what about the wildcard entries?...

  • NCIS
    Top 12 Dialogues From NCIS Will Make Any NCIS Fan Swoon!

    NCIS is one of most loved and longest running crime drama on the American Television. This show has given us some of the best moments, stories and exhilarating interactions between its characters. NCIS is one show that we never to see shutting down! Here are some of the amazing dialogues from this...

  • Star Wars
    9 Stories Behind Minor Characters In Star Wars

    In the old Expanded Universe, each minor character in every scene had an intricate and exciting story to tell. There are no boring characters in the world of George Lucas. Therefore, with such a large number of little visitors in The Force Awakens and not enough time to recount their stories, who...

  • Big Bang Theory
    Kaley Cuoco Pics – 15 Mouth-Watering Pics Of Her Body Will Melt Ya!

    Ever since she was a kid, Kaley Cuoco, who hails from California, longed for becoming an actor. Furthermore, she began that adventure when she was in her pre-teens. Presently, she is completing her tenth and last season of her hit TV series The Big Bang Theory and looking for new prospects in...

  • Star Wars
    9 Tales Of Star Wars Lore That Deserve Big Screen Treatment After Rogue One!

    1. The Origins Of The Force   2. The New Republic Next Page

  • Star Wars
    5 Upcoming or “Will Be Cancelled” Star Wars Games in 2017-2018!

    Star Wars games have always triumphed in delivering high-quality gameplay & fantastic graphics for the players. Even...