8. Guns Shouldn’t Be That Difficult To Find, Especially In America

The show has repeatedly used the troupe of looking for more ammunition and firearms- as the group periodically runs out of them, as soon as they head into a walker ambush. Well..even if we accept that with this decaying world, guns are at an all-time low, so it makes senses to save on some of them. It is certainly possible, but not all of the time. And even in America, it just cannot be a hard find.
With worldwide statistics, America is known to have the highest rates of gun ownership in the world, resulting in over 110 guns per 100 citizens. With more guns than the populace, there just cannot be a lack of firearms. And since walkers are not equipped to use guns on the people, there is a whole stock of it for the survivors, and there is no reason at all to risk one’s life for ammunition.
But even if it is for viewer pleasure, bludgeoning a zombie’s head into smithereens is far more satisfactory than a simple head shot.

7. What Happened To All The Animals?

The narrative of the show is that the virus has infected most of the human populace into mindless zombies, as soon as they are dead. But as of date, they haven’t mentioned any effect on the animals, or if they are even affected at all. It’s almost rare to get hold of one, and we have seen that deer that gets Carl shot, and thus, starts the painful second season.
Zombies can’t choose to be picky over whether they want to consume animal brains or man’s. So, it is a fact that the animals are bound to get extinct over time since they are readily served on the feeding ground. But even still, there is no mention about the predators higher on the food chain- no bears, tigers, lions whatsoever. Surely, they can fight back a slowly rotting zombie than a live survivor who would have the means to fight back. And even in rotting flesh, there are no signs of maggots, bugs, and flies.
Of course, they seem too trivial to be answered with the course the show has taken, but surely, rotting walking corpses of bears and tigers, as a monstrous addition, would be a legible threat to our characters.

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