Thor: Ragnarok-Top 12 Revelations from New Images

Thor: Ragnarok-Top 12 Revelations from New Images

After what feels like ages, we finally have a legitimate first take at Thor: Ragnarok. It’s the most exciting comic book motion picture of 2017. That’s because the talent included is enormous, the director is a clever visionary and it’s adapting two incredible comic arcs. What’s more, because of EW’s most recent issue, we know for sure that it looks fantastic. So, we have here, 12 major revelations….

12. Thor’s New Armour

In Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Thor’s armour was impressively more overwhelming in weight: he had heavier metal bosom plates over the standard leather under-armour and clearly his arms were sheathed in chainmail. However, the Ragnarok look is especially a stream-lined one. His armour seems as though it has been adapted for quicker movement, especially with the evacuation of the heavy cloak. It’s still clearly Thor, however it’s more of a science fiction Asgardian chic than Asgard at the opera. He’s clearly donning another shorter haircut. The look of the dreadful scar on the side of his head fits with his look in the comics later on.


11. The Grandmaster

So there we have it, the main look at Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster. He’s the man purportedly behind the Gladiatorial games that in the long run have Thor and Hulk going head to head in the arena.
In spite of the fact that he’s unquestionably a villain, he doesn’t look very malicious. In fact, he looks flamboyant, more like a New Romantic from the 1980s than somebody odious. Be that as it may, that fits the picture of a character whose basic interest lies in his own entertainment. He’s a ring-master and this look completely fits with the picture Goldblum himself painted.

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