Thor: Ragnarok-Top 12 Revelations from New Images

10. Sakaar: Space Dump

There’s a strong feeling that Sakaar will most probably be MCU’s equivalent of Mos Eisley. This pathetic hive of scum and villainy may be a vivid, Fifth Element like world, yet as history has unquestionably let us know, any civilization with gladiatorial games has an issue with class division. Also, as per Chris Hemsworth, Sakaar is especially a hive. In the comics, Sakaar is a savage planet, loaded with extremes, both in geology and climate.


9. It Has A Distinct Sci-Fi Feel

The pictures affirm what Taika Waititi has as said in regards to the film being a “’70s/’80s science fiction fantasy.” You can nearly taste Star Trek in those set designs. Furthermore, the characters all seem to appear as though they’re from the universe of The Fifth Element. I suppose this resembles an inside on Sakaar, and the fact that Thor is wearing his armour recommends he’s mid-escape? Maybe he’s going to the more opulent chambers in search of the Grandmaster?

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